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Barely visible, translucent eyes

Look back at me reflection-wise

There am I embedded in the glass

Prisoner confined without bars

Restrained, detained in your embrace

Held captive, controlled, without force

Willing hostage to the one above

Ever dependent on his perfect love


©Denise G Allen, 02 August 2015 07:04


Twofold a Hostage

Twofold a Hostage

I’ve lost my wings and cannot fly,
Trapped in a plaster cast –
Echoes of days gone by,
Fingers plodding on the keys.

Unable to communicate,
Locked out of the internet,
In this concurrence of fate –
Yet still my mind is free.

I cry out to Him as before,
Why me, Father? Why me?
What have I done? And He replies,
Some things are meant to be.