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‘Twas a Wild Wind


‘twas a wild, wild wind,

a wily, capricious

wind from the west,

its mischievous

spirit wavering, teetering

‘tween destruction and

obstruction – construction

not an option!

thrust and pause,

howling and moaning,

keening and droning

until it slowed to a sighing

as daylight lifted its mood

and its temper subsided

which was all to the good.


©Denise G Allen, 28 September 2014 12:27


The Howling Wind


I listened to the wind

Howling through the naked trees

And was transported in my mind

To the Alaskan wilderness

Inhabited by wolves

Whose howling

Harmonised in tune

With the wailing wind

And the waxing moon

Life-force of the earth

And spirit of our birth


©DGA 25 August 2011 12:27