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Absence … makes the heart grow fonder – or does it?



Whew – well I’m back again and in the meantime I am using a nifty ‘teensy weensy’ little computer called (so cute) Raspberry Pi. I see the busy bees at WordPress have  been making changes. And to cap it all this cute little computer is using open source software – very different from Microsoft, I must say! So… please be patient with me as I struggle to master all these new things in my life.

Missed you.

Love, Denise xxx



Window Dressing (a Rap Poem)


Spin and leap

High in the air

Try to catch

What isn’t there

Windows covered

With drapes and blinds

Who can guess

What hides behind

A perfect scene

Try not to scream

Making up

Waking up

From a dream

Spider lashes

On her cheek

Lips silly-coned

She cannot speak

And (s)he, and he

With coiffured hair

Blows his TRUMPet

For all to hear

A plastic life

In a paper book

A fairy tale

Which some believe

And try so hard

To achieve


©Denise G Allen, 16 January 2014 07:18


Ghost Train


Riding on the ghost train
Killing off my brain,
Riding on the ghost train
There and back again.

Icky sticky spider’s snare
Caught against my new-washed hair
And a pair of glowing eyeballs
Floated through the foetid air.

Riding on the ghost train
Killing off my brain,
Riding on the ghost train
There and back again.

A bloodied face looked down on me
With no eyes that I could see,
Drip, drip, drip from out the sockets,
Metallic smell from naked sprockets.

Riding on the ghost train
Killing off my brain,
Riding on the ghost train
There and back again.

Nowhere safe to stop the train,
They are out to get my brain,
Now my head aint worth a dime,
God help me save this life of mine.

Riding on the ghost train
Killing off my brain,
Riding on the ghost train
There and back again.


©Denise G Allen, 17 December 2013 10:58



Shades - Trees

Shades – Trees





Shades of green with blue and gold
Block out more than half the sky ~
Magnificent trees, some young, some old,
With leaves that whisper in the breeze.

They sway, they bounce, they flounce,
Coquettish moods become apparent,
But then again they can be fierce
And whip themselves into a fury.

Sheltering birds take fright, take flight
Away from these bad tempered giants
Whose harbour was no longer offered,
Whose comfort was no longer proffered.

However, with the passing of the storm
I looked up at the leaves of varied hue,
At the sky of palest blue, and was
To find
A passing bird spit in my eye!


Image and poetry: ©Denise G Allen, 05 November 2013 08:15


Refresher Course


Heads of grey congregate

Once a week around tea and cake

At the start of bible study ~ a

Refresher course, training/grooming for their crossing

Into the future, I always think.

70’s, 80’s, 90’s and one turned a hundred last week.

Only a few, one or two, in their 60’s,

Not close enough yet

To feel regret as the years steadily pass ~

The calm before the storm ~

Where their elders can fit a year in a day

Or so it seems as time ebbs away.


©Denise G Allen, 04 November 2013 09:50


Stealing Souls


Some people have holes for souls,

Emptiness where their soul should lie

And they walk on by, shells themselves

Space to rent, for living or working

Or space-saving for stolen ideas

Packed neatly for use should the need arise,

Nevermind the origin was from another brain

While yours rides on the train to nowhere



©Denise G Allen, 27 October 2013 10:53


Aunty Mae

This is written for Sidey’s Theme this week: LINK DOESN’T WORK.

Aunty Mae


I spent a day (or two)

With Aunty Mae (and you);

Eccentric old bat

Who wore a hat

(which often took flight)

Every single day

(and also at night).

She made her hats

Out of this and that,

Odds and ends,

And used to mend

And do alterations too.

Bits and pieces

Of spastic plastic,

Buttons and bows

And lots of ‘who knows?’,

Rainbow colours with

Bits and bobs, drops and globs.

She’d sit for hours, days,

Weeks and years

Concocting bizarre creations,

And the weirdest conceptions,

But beautiful too, in a way,

Ensuring we’d never forget

Our sweet Aunty Mae.


©Denise G Allen, 06 July 2013 08:39