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Hooked on the Chase


To the hunter,
Addicted devotee,
Fanatical enthusiast,
The chase is everything
And once it’s over –
Well, the grass is greener
On the other side.
‘Plenty more fish in the sea,’
He used to say,
But his rep preceded him
And his age precluded him
And he became his own last victim.


©DGA 11.10.2010


The Hunter




The branch reaches down towards the stream,

Cool, clear and translucent.

All is silent save for gurgling and soft splashing

As the wavelets pass obstacles in their course.

A peaceful, serene and tranquil scene.


A flash of red, a dash of green,

A streak of colour, bright as paint,

A bird alights back on the branch,

Water dripping from his wings.

And in his beak a small fish wriggles.


With a stretch of his neck, the fish has gone,

Swallowed whole, while the bird sits still,

Motionless, as the keen eyes scan the water.

A frozen image of a hunter seeking out his prey

While the fish, unaware, continue to play.


Photo: Wikipedia