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Fat Cat (A rap poem)


Fat cat, head of state,

Earns far more

Than he deserves

When he knows not

Wot’s going on ~

Others run his life for him!

Is he so weak

Or is it a charade

That ‘they’ choose

How much he spends

So his ignorance knows no end.

From the shower to the pool

He is nothing but a fool

Thinking that the powa

Will be his for eva ~

The writing is on the wall

(be it ever so small)

It is there for all

To see.


©Denise G Allen, 05 April 2014 08:43


Musings on Death and Destruction

Musings on Death and Destruction

We have progressed (regressed?)
from the guns and tanks of World War II
to Agent Orange,
Contact Poisons
and all manner of sophisticated weaponry
aimed at the destruction of ‘our enemies’.

And, in addition to all this,
we are doing really excellent
work in another direction –
we are killing our planet so that
it will become uninhabitable.
We are killing the birds of the air,
the fish of the sea and the
animals of the earth.
Are these ‘our enemies’?

Not too far in the future
we will have too little water;
therefore we will have
no plants or animals for food
and, lastly, we will have no air to breathe!

Talk about technologically advanced!
Talk about First World nations!
We should be ashamed of ourselves!
Do we not realise that all these
Conditions began in an insidious way
and are escalating as time passes?
Are we so blind, so over-confident,
Or are we so self-centred that
future generations mean nothing?

And all the while we continue
merrily along with our silly little lives.



Death in Disguise / The Other Side of Love


Death in Disguise / The Other Side of Love


Eros walks among us, virile and strong,

Sowing his seed as he goes along.

He plucks pretty flowers on his way

And leaves devastation

For all to see.


He’s not impregnating them with love.

He’s not impregnating them with life.

Death is what remains behind –

Withered leaves, blowing in the wind

Of his thoughtlessness.





The Celebration




 Engrossed in a wild celebration of life,

Laughing and shouting, heads back to drink,

As the bottle is passed from one to another,

Joyous excitement with no time to think.


Trees and shrubs and fences flash by,

A group on the corner takes shape and is gone.

Time stops for a moment that feels like a year.

The driver, in shock, cries, “What have I done?”


How fast a life changes, in the blink of an eye.

How quickly a spark can be smothered and die.

How often we warn our loved ones, “Take care.”

Not knowing the danger that’s lurking out there.


Photo: Author

©DGA 20.05.2010