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Second-guessing God


How can we expect to understand
His celestial brilliance
When we are mere motes of dust
In His shining light.

He sees all things clearly,
We see dimly through misted glass;
He sees all, from the big to the small
And knows when the last leaf will fall.

Only with hindsight
Do we glimpse his plan
And, as for the rest, we must
Just trust.

Life is a pathway to Him and
Step by step we make our way
Onward and upward ‘til we lay
At his feet, replete in His love.

He is a great God, the only true God,
The one God – for me-and-you God –
Whom we will honour and worship
For eternity.


©Denise G Allen, 01 July 2014 08:24


Our Journey


A gruelling journey

Over mountain crags,

Steep cliffs, wide clefts,

Waters-falling, echoes calling,

In sun and rain, arduous terrain,

Boulders, rocks, and stones,

A TAXing, TIRing test

Demanding our very best

To culminate in sucCESS.

If it were easy, stress-free,

Our victory would be worth-less.


©Denise G Allen, 24 March 2013 07:11


River of Life


It rises in the mountains;

Continually in motion

It flows towards the sea

Obeying the call of the ocean.

Steep cliffs are no constraint;

It flings itself over chasms

In scenic cascades and falls

Plunging into rainbows

To lie deep in pools below.

It snakes across the valleys,

Carves its path in stone

And races ‘cross rocky outcrops,

The water white with foam.

It bubbles over pebbles,

And gushes through the rushes,

It laps on sandy shores,

Its course, its flood, its flow

Sprays the land adjoining

To allow the crops to grow.


©DGA 13 February 2012 11:44




Clouds as light as air

Sail across the sky,

Voyagers of discovery

As in years gone by.


Whispers of pink appear,

Murmurs of lilac too,

Gold and silver highlights,

Lowlights of purplish-blue.


Farewell you travellers

Way up on high, adieu;

I wish you a safe journey,

As you fade into the blue.


NB – One of my favourite poets is back here.  Enjoy!

©DGA 30 January 2012 14:50