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Destiny (or The Third Eye)




Destiny (or The Third Eye)


How beautiful, she thought,

As she stopped her car.

A cool breeze rustled the trees.

What a wonderful scene

With the lake below

Shining bright in the clear sunlight

Venturing further from the roadside

Into the long grass she took a look

Through her camera lens, cliCK,

Another cliCK and yet another.

CRunCH of leaves on the ground


Her breath caught in her throat

As she swung round to see

Him step out from behind a tree…

Her destiny…


Image and poem: ©Denise G Allen, 03 August 2013 07:27


The Painting

The Painting

The morning sun
Reaches out
And gently touches
The turquoise waters of the lake.

Tiny wavelets
Lap softly
And a lone bird struts
Stiff-legged at the water’s edge.

Distant mountains,
Coloured blue,
March in single file
To fade from sight on the horizon.

A still-life picture,
Drawn with care,
Painted in finest detail
By the Artist’s loving hand.

©DGA 01 August 2011 20:46