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Seeds of Life


We need seeds to plant
When this planet is dead,
Stripped for posterity
By commerce and industry
And selfish activities
Without a thought of


Scatter seeds for the future ~
From the North to the South,
From the East to the West ~
Seeds of learning,
Seeds of birthing,
Animal and vegetable,
Original, incorruptible…


Can we start again?


©Denise G Allen, 28 March 2014 15:57


Being Observant


Tick, tick, tick as the gas heats the burner

and the water begins to murmur

tick, tick, cheeeeeeee—– softly

pligh, pligh, pligh, bubbles rise and pop

getting bigger, rising higher,

click, clack, click, clack, clickclack, clickclackclickclack

boiling faster and faster, bumping, knocking

time is six oh three


they’ll be ready by six oh nine for the soft centre

and six twenty for the hard boiled

snifffffff aaah

the rich smell of coffee fills the air

grab a plate and some toast

breakfast is ready…


~~~~ Oh, gee, I was so busy watching, listening,
learning, writing, I burnt the bread!


©Denise G Allen, 17 May 2013 06:36

There is creative reading as well as creative writing.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson