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The Painter


fingers of blue,
a purple slash
kissed with yellow
over a narrow wrist,
cONcentration filled his face
as the sea took life
beneath his brush
and his bush of hair
athwart his face,
streaked blue,
being pushed aside,
a hindrance to his view,
totally unaware of my stare,
not knowing I was there
he was lost in his world,
locked in the inspiration
of creation.


©Denise G Allen, 27 March 2014 13:16




Once upon a fairy tale

In my naivety, I believed in love

And forever-after happiness

Till in disillusion I shrugged off

The cloak of self-deceit

And freed myself to breathe

To find myself, allow myself to be

With no stifling restrictions

At last I was free, the inimitable me

I found my compass to check my progress

Without which I would surely have been lost

The devil’s daughter, saved by He

Who truly set me free


©DGA 23 November 2011 05:49


The Key to my Heart

Key to my Heart Pictures, Images and Photos

The Key to my Heart

You broke my trust
When you carelessly lost
The key to my heart.
It is irreplaceable,
You are irresponsible,
And there is no replica available.

If, over time,
I am able to find
A duplicate door,
Will my heart ever thaw?
Will I find a guarantor
To keep it safe for evermore?

©DGA 01.04.2011 16:32