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Is insanity contagious

When behaviour is outrageous

Humanity has exited

And adrenalin is now

The drug of choice

Freely available

To all who are unable

To contain their hu- (a-)nger

Addicts all who need

Gratification in an instant

Satisfaction in the moment

Boasting bloodlust

Cruelty and destruction

Of animal existence

And when that is not sufficient

Turning on their own

Driven higher and higher

Until they im- or ex-plode

While dancing on the edge of death


Give me instead

The wild countryside

Sweet-smelling grasses

Unsullied waters

Peace and tranquillity

Kindness and harmony

The way to truly survive

This rat-race called life


©Denise G Allen, 04 June 2015 05:35




Voted today for what it’s worth

‘Tho nothing will change

On this side of the earth ~

Nothing CAN change when

Sense is outnumbered by NON-sense,

When sanity is ruled by madness

Which, by the way, may be contagious.

Why else would sanity condone

The craziness carried out by one

Whose reckless actions cause us

To underestimate his influence.

Wait and see what our new parliament

Has in store, perhaps, perhaps…

You never know…

Perhaps it’s time for some to go.


©Denise G Allen, 09 May 2014 07:25