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An old soul born anew

Created at the beginning of time

And given a new life

Another chance to dance

To the Master’s tune

Or to slouch off independence street

Not yet full-grown, but foot loose

Fancy free, smart alec know-it-all

Right ready to take a fall

Who knows, who cares

Enough to help to break the spell

To fill the hole which parents held

Before the busy-ness of life

Removed their power from the child


©Denise G Allen, 18 September 2015 06:51


Circle of Life

Circle of Life

As the colours start to fade
And the sunlight turns to shade
So the dark begins to creep
And earth’s creatures go to sleep.

But there are some creatures of the night
Who are uneasy in the light
And use the darkness as a cloak
To hide their deeds and evil work.

As time ticks onward in its stride
And earth turns back towards the light,
The sleeping ones unfurl and rise
To meet the new sun in the sky.

Life is a circle, a never-ending ring
Of orbits around the sun,
Of days and nights, of seasons:
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

All performing under the baton
Of He who orchestrates the plan,
The Creator, Coordinator,
Lord and Master of the universe.