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These are the Things…


An act of kindness,
a smiling face,
a baby bird,
God’s bountiful grace,
a new-born foal
finding its feet,
helping another
to cross the street,
healing rain
on my skin,
the joy and peace
I feel within,
the sun’s rays
shining through the trees,
cool misty mornings
with a crisp breeze…

these are the things that make my soul sing ~

these are the things that make life fulfilling.


©Denise G Allen, 15 January 2014 09:00


Dancer in the Mist

* Edited


A study in greys, the lake and the trees,

She appeared in the haze, swirls of mist in the breeze,

A phantom, unreal, like a dream, a part of the scene.

She danced and entranced as, gliding gracefully,

She drew closer and closer with each sweep

Of her feet, until gradually she stopped

Within reach of his arms, outstretched to touch

This vision of beauty. But she wasn’t there –

Naught but the cold damp air.


©Denise G Allen, 05 March 2013 16:14


Mist on the Water

Mist on the Water

Mist on the water
Forest on the rise
Two canoes together
Desire in your eyes

White water river
Swollen by the rain
Thunders over rocks
Drowning out the pain

Remember when we cut
Mixed our blood together
Blood brothers we would be
And lovers forever


Photo with kind permission of

©DGA 08 August 2011 19:08


Danger in the Mist

Danger in the Mist

My headlights bounced back at me,
The mist so thick I could not see.
I drove on the highway at walking speed,
Much too slow, or so it seemed.

Leaning forward as far as I could,
Trying to peer through the mist ahead,
Trying to guess how far I’d come,
Was my turnoff further on?

I hoped I had not missed the way,
There were no landmarks that I could see,
Nothing but varying shades of grey
In front or to the sides of me.

At last the markings on the road
Gave way to broken lines. I pulled aside
With such relief I could not hide
The tears that welled up in my eyes.

No sooner had I turned off the road
Than I heard a loud and thunderous sound –
An articulated truck sped by
Which would have been the end of me!