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‘Twas a Wild Wind


‘twas a wild, wild wind,

a wily, capricious

wind from the west,

its mischievous

spirit wavering, teetering

‘tween destruction and

obstruction – construction

not an option!

thrust and pause,

howling and moaning,

keening and droning

until it slowed to a sighing

as daylight lifted its mood

and its temper subsided

which was all to the good.


©Denise G Allen, 28 September 2014 12:27


Carousel of Seasons


Swing high, swing low

This is how the seasons go

See-sawing up and down

Like a carousel round and round


Here today and gone tomorrow

Happy sun and clouds of sorrow

How the weather shapes our mood

How our mood can be subdued


Light and playful breezes blow

Barely touch the water’s flow

These soft winds become a gale

On the rocks the ships impale


Fickle weather fickle mood

Do not seem to augur good

We should always be prepared

To stand against the one who dared


Do evil deeds and sinful feats

 And brings the world to disrepute

And spreads his malevolence

On those around him every one


©DGA 16 November 2011 17:22