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Night, Wind and Son

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Night, Wind and Son


I wake in the night

To the moon and stars

Shining ever so bright

Embellishing the skies


The wind whispers His name

Rustling through the trees

Who are you, I ask

I am He, it replies


The Son, heaven’s crown

Blesses all He shines upon

Bringing life-giving rain

Relief from heat and pain


©Denise G Allen, 09 September 2015 18:04


The Haloed Moon

Haloed Moon & Moon Dogs

Haloed Moon & Moon Dogs

The Haloed Moon

A full moon shone bright,
milky white, in the sky tonight.
She sailed alone, dignified,
self-assured on her path
across the skies’ eternal plane.
A haloed moon she was,
With a pair of dogs
at her side ~
seldom seen ~
like a crownéd queen.

Image: Wikipedia:
A halo around the Moon and a pair of moon dogs over the observatory at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada

©Denise G Allen, 07 February 2014 12:32


The Battlefield


Horses screamed and armour clashed,

Warning shouts filled the air while

Mistress moon sailed overhead,

Her face inscrutable, no trace that she

Could hear or see the field below.

My eyes, unfocused, saw by her illumination

Row upon row of soldiers in ghost-like ranks

Marching down the hillside relentlessly,

Implacable, immovable, unbending, unyielding,

Their legs frozen in place for hundreds of years

As they stood in their prime, overseeing the scene

And remembering…


©Denise G Allen, 18 January 2014 16:18


Wild Moon Night


‘Twas a wild moon night

With creatures taking flight,

Dogs howled, cats yowled

And the wind lashed branches ‘cross the sky.

Sheltered safe in our secret place, you and I,

Hearts rock ‘n rolling, emotions exploding,

We loved as no-one ever loved before;

Our love would never die,

Or so we thought, both you and I.

But time did not agree

Faithfulness you failed to show

Nor truthfulness; loyalty was fantasy,

And so the dream was doomed to die,

Dashed by the shock of a fatal blow.


©Denise G Allen, 23 February 2013 10:42


The Hanging Moon


I watch the moon hang in the sky

I meet her gaze eye to eye

Lantern-like she doesn’t blink

Nor give a hint of what she thinks

As she reflects on earth below

Where human ants scurry to and fro

What thorny issues does she ponder

What on Earth is there I wonder

To keep that stare fixed day and night

On the view from that great height


©Denise G Allen, 18 January 2013 09:48