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(After watching Monster…)


The night lay heavy on my heart,
Scenes embedded in my mind
While the moon sailed by,
Just a sliver in the sky.
Negative night and positive light;
Colours leached ‘til out of sight,
Dark thoughts like clouds rolled past,
Why do some have morals ~
Others none?
What gives them the right
To take a life?
At last…
The long night passed
The birds welcomed the dawn
And with the light came calm…


By the way, you can probably tell I am watching all the movies I missed out on plus some of my favourites.

©Denise G Allen, 09 June 2013 06:30




Where is the justice
Where incompetent appointees
Fail to do their jobs, yet when they are replaced,
Are given golden handshakes in return –
For what?
They have no in-built ethics, and no shame;
They take the money and run!
Were there no suitable candidates for the posts,
And the money at the end, a gift for taking the blame?
Who knows?