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Which of us would not cower
At the thought of killing his mother?
Yet here we are.
We think nothing of murdering
Our mother Earth
Who has nurtured,
Nourished and clothed us.
Over the centuries
Man has increased in intellect
Until it became possible for him
To destroy his world, the planet Earth,
Together with all who depend on her
And love her as a mother.
Intelligence and common sense
Are not synonymous.
Man has sacrificed his common sense
On the altar of his intelligence
In his search for dominance.

Encarta Dictionary: MATRICIDE
Killing of own mother.
The act of murdering your own mother.

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An Apology to Mother Earth

EARTH Pictures, Images and Photos

An Apology to Mother Earth


We have failed you,

Mother Earth,

And continue on

This path of destruction

Despite warnings

And calamities.

Blindly, we refuse to change,

Thinking we have

All the time in the world

To make sacrifices for you.

We have emptied your coffers,

Dried up your waters,

Desiccated your forests.

We think we are gods

Who will live forever

After you are dead.


©DGA 10.11.2010 17:47