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Post No. 873




An old soul born anew

Created at the beginning of time

And given a new life

Another chance to dance

To the Master’s tune

Or to slouch off independence street

Not yet full-grown, but foot loose

Fancy free, smart alec know-it-all

Right ready to take a fall

Who knows, who cares

Enough to help to break the spell

To fill the hole which parents held

Before the busy-ness of life

Removed their power from the child


©Denise G Allen, 18 September 2015 06:51



Post No. 830




Sweep the dark dank and dusty corners of my heart

Cleaning out the debris of the past

What’s gone is gone and will never be the same

New beginnings with only myself to blame


My life seems to be

— on reflection — full of new starts

But I fail always

— in detection — to find the underlying

.                                                imperfection


Is it that which goes before a fall

Or perhaps shape-shifting blame

Or none at all but many many more

God help me find what I am searching for…


©Denise G Allen, 27 June 2015 04:23


Black Velvet *New


In the black velvet night

Stars look ultra bright

No moon in the sky

Just you and I



Under the canopy of light

Facing t’wards the east


For the first rays of the sun

A new day has begun

A new world still to come


Must have been a ‘bug’ – Sorry!

©DGA 21 January 2012 03:35


A New Day

Sailing into the dawn of a new day,

Sharply seen against the rising sun,

The ocean, a tranquil turquoise wash,

The promise of excitement just begun.

Feeling the fresh breeze brush our cheek,

While the salt spray gently sprinkles

Our shoulders with additional freckles

Of burnished gold on a gilded skin.

Peaceful and content we ride the swells,

Trusting in nature’s generous mood,

The kindness of her disposition

To those who wish her only good.

©DGA 04 September 2011 12:40