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Innate Pride

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Innate Pride


Walking tall

Toddler tagging


In kangaroo pouch

These women

These mothers

Hold their heads up high

Patient without equal



Proud to be

Who they are

And what they are

Women, mothers


©Denise G Allen, 17 June 2015 15:59




We came to earth

born naked, helpless,

only our parents, carers,

to keep us alive,

to help us survive,

but He gave us gifts

as the wise men from the east

brought to the newborn Babe,

talents to aid our journey

as we travel through

this life and onward

to return to our Father.


©Denise G Allen, 04 October 2014 10:02


The Newborn Sun


I watch the newborn sun

As it slowly makes its way higher

Until it peeks over the horizon

And sees me watching it.

The warmth of its golden rays

Touches me gently, brushes me softly,

Caresses my naked body as I stand,

Arms extended, reaching upward

With open hands

In gratitude

For all.


©DGA 13 September 2011 03:16