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Night, Wind and Son

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Night, Wind and Son


I wake in the night

To the moon and stars

Shining ever so bright

Embellishing the skies


The wind whispers His name

Rustling through the trees

Who are you, I ask

I am He, it replies


The Son, heaven’s crown

Blesses all He shines upon

Bringing life-giving rain

Relief from heat and pain


©Denise G Allen, 09 September 2015 18:04




The inky blackness of the night
Is warm and cloying on my skin
Blanket-like it covers me
I find it difficult to breathe

Clotted air weighs heavily
Upon my body as I lie
Presses down against my breast
A spectral lover in the dark

Would that you’d return to me
Hold me in your gentle arms
Stroke me with your loving touch
And be the one I miss so much


©Denise G Allen, 21 January 2013 13:08


Other Worldly


On the cusp of sleep

Thoughts, imagination, inspiration

Wander up hill and down dale.

Recollections… introspections… meditations…


Material obsessions:

Baubles bright in the sunlight,

Earthly jewels, possessions,

Worth nought in the afterlife.


Treasures of the soul:

Love, joy, contentment,

Life-energy spiritually whole,

Surrendered to His control.


©DGA 14 January 2012 09:10