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Pretty playful dancing dapples
Shining rays of light
Radiant skies in the morning
Glowing skies at night
Sunrise to sunset
Contributor to life
Reflections in water
Expressions in glass

Meditations on the present
Ruminations on the past
Translucent, transparent
Inimitable, insubstantial
Sometimes pale
Sometimes bright
Weak or strong
It weighs a song

©DGA 03.04.2011 11:02


Scary, Scary Night

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Scary, Scary Night

As the last rays of the sun
Drop below the horizon,
As the dusk turns to dark
Colour fades to different shades
Of black and greys.
Eyes strain to make out alien shapes.
As I brush against the drapes
A heavy fluttering fills the air;
What it is I do not care.
Bats, vampires, bloody ghouls –
And killing tools –
My mind runs riot,
Filling me with a deep disquiet.
Evil men and dastardly deeds –
Rapists with unholy needs –
This is the world of the night,
Where all the innocent take flight.

©DGA 19.03.2011 17:04




Turn out the light, I’ve got
Stars in my eyes.
In the dark of the night
They light up the skies
And the world looks so bright
That I don’t need the light anymore.

There are stars in the skies
Which reflect in my eyes
And I’m sure you can tell
How excited I feel
Now you’re back in my life
And we won’t be apart anymore.

The sky up above
Is a backdrop for love
And the stars are so bright
That they light up the night
And my heart is so full
Now my world is complete around you.