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Second-guessing God


How can we expect to understand
His celestial brilliance
When we are mere motes of dust
In His shining light.

He sees all things clearly,
We see dimly through misted glass;
He sees all, from the big to the small
And knows when the last leaf will fall.

Only with hindsight
Do we glimpse his plan
And, as for the rest, we must
Just trust.

Life is a pathway to Him and
Step by step we make our way
Onward and upward ‘til we lay
At his feet, replete in His love.

He is a great God, the only true God,
The one God – for me-and-you God –
Whom we will honour and worship
For eternity.


©Denise G Allen, 01 July 2014 08:24


In the Rough


The ground has shifted

And I am in the rough

My aim is the same

Approach from a different direction

Altered by an added perception

An introspection

I am bogged down by magma

Surrounded by lava

Inspiration has become perspiration

And I can no longer fly

My bird’s eye view

Is now that of a centipede

My steed is a millipede

As I crawl along

Without a song

The rough patch a sticky stretch

To overcome

And stun and numb


©DGA 08 March 2012 06:20