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Wishing the Time Away

Wishing the Time Away

It’s been a long week,
Time dragging life by its boots,
Life’s brakes flat against the floor,
Four long weeks to go.

Next week plus three.
If I keep busy will it hasten,
Will time go faster
‘Til I’m free of this plaster?

Enough, enough!
One arm, heavy as lead,
Feels like it’s dead,
Back aches from the weight.

But that‘s not all –
Two times more of this torture ahead,
At least a year ‘til I’m fit and strong,
Back to the person I’ve been all along.

Patience, the virtue
That I’ve always lacked,
I now have to make my ally and friend
To give me the will to get to the end.

With my new knees
I’ll be able to do
All the things I could back then
And have enjoyment in life again.

I’ve learned my lesson from the universe,
God has spoken, my eyes are open,
There is no excuse,
How could I have been so obtuse?