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Bully for You

I can almost speak

I can almost speak


Bully for You


He drew his paw and THWAK

He smACKed the dog across the room,

A blink and he was there

Atop the dog, rolled on his back,

All four paws gripping while he bit,

Ripping, kicking, a ball of fury

Exploding, erupting in a flurry,

Subsiding slowly…

His eyes met mine halfway

‘Was that good enough?’ he seemed to say,

‘…and can we play another day?’


©Denise G Allen, 31 October 2013 10:21


Childhood – 2 Haikus

Sidey’s Weekend Theme, 08.07.2011: Childhood
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Childhood (1)

Childhood: time for play
interaction with others
and forming friendships

Childhood (2)

Childhood: the basis
of character formation
and moral grounding

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©DGA 09 July 2011 06:47