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This Plastic World


We live in a plastic world

Where discards outweigh utility,

Where garbage pollutes air, land and sea

And everything is temporary;

Nature must take a back seat

‘Cos man has learned to manipulate

Greens and meat and all we eat.

Plastic, cardboard used once

Then tossed away. Society tells us

How to think, act and re-act,

Fit the parameters or be a mis-fit,

Clones of idEAlised/idOlised

Specimens of humanity don’t stir the pot,

Blow the snot where it lands –

Out of sight, out of mind.


©Denise G Allen, 16 November 2014 07:28


What a Beautiful Day

Pollution in the Air

What a Beautiful Day

What perfect weather:
Warm days, cool nights
And clear skies,
Not a cloud to be seen.
What a beautiful day,
But the sky is grey.

What a lovely scene:
The sea is blue,
The grass is green,
Fish frolic, birds sing.
What a beautiful day,
But the sky is grey.


©DGA 03.10.2010