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Silhouetted on the hill a hump,

a swollen chunk of detritus, wept  —

The smell assailed us long

Before we reached the dump.

Men and women dressed in rags

Scratched a living or a dying

Desperate like wild animals

Damaged by care-less-ness

Fouled dreams, failed chances

Used and abused by worldliness,

Heartlessness, perceptions changed,

Became infections,

Until they learned to hear and see

Differently from you and me —

Nonentities, expecting and receiving nothing.


©Denise G Allen, 13 July 2015 08:53


War & Peace


Travelling this path in a caravan,

Living our life as best we can,

People from all around the world

Have more in common than we know,

Living together in harmony,

A warm bed, clean water and enough to eat,

Governments make war, but people want peace ~

Those who are rich will always want more,

And those who have naught will always be poor.


©Denise G Allen, 01 June 2014 03:20




Gimme more, gimme more,
Cry the wealthy.
Gimme some, gimme some,
Cry the poor.

Our stomachs are almost empty
While you have acquired plenty ~
This world is biased, don’t you see ~
Divide the spoils impartially,
There’s enough for all to share.

Oh, no you don’t, the rich reply,
We work hard for what we own,
We don’t just sit around and moan,
We know that we must get to earn
Recompense for all our work.


©Denise G Allen, 26 February 2014 10:16


All’s Well?


Two a.m. and all’s well,

Christmas hies towards us

Ever faster year on year,

Shops are overflowing fit to burst

But many have no penny in their purse.

Insatiable greed has pushed the goods

Beyond the means of common folk

And many struggle to buy food

But look on helpless while others cream the fat

And steal the grub from out the mouths of babes,

God’s message to us all of love and faith

Forgotten in the struggle to survive.


©Denise G Allen, 12 November 2013 02:13



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Evolution –
Revolution –
But there will be no resolution
Without inspiration and perspiration.
A rash of unrest is spreading
Like a fire out of control –
A conflagration of feelings.

Take away man’s ability to provide
Food and shelter for his family
And the spark is lit;
There is nothing to lose.
Desperation is the match
For those who fail to scratch
A living from the superfluity of the ‘haves’.

Beware those who try to subvert
Actions aimed at charity
For popularity.
Governments are failing their poor,
Food is unaffordable to more and more.
Where will it end?
And what does it portend?
©DGA 09.03.2011 18:10


Toyi Toying

Toyi Toying

The poor are getting poorer
And the rich are getting fatter
And never the two shall meet.
Toyi toyi to the beat.

How many times
Must education be overhauled
Yet still the masses cannot read?
How many bright ideas
Fail to light the way?
How can we succeed
With no recipe for success?
Does it suit the powers that be
To make no inroads into poverty?
Toyi toyi.

Back to basics:
Who taught the teachers?
Or can they teach at all?
Who pays the piper
To pipe his little tune?
One thing is true
In this country of ours,
Everyone is paid
Whether they do their job or not,
All get a raise
No matter how bad their work.
Strikes are a tool
To blackmail the schools.
Toyi toyi, toyi toyi
Down the never-ending road of life.


Current use in South Africa
After Apartheid ended, people have used toyi-toyi to express their grievances against current government policies. Use of the dance has become very popular during recent service delivery protests and among trade unions, and some South Africans have used it in violent attacks against refugees. The country’s independent social movements such as Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Anti-Eviction Campaign have begun using toyi-toyi and other liberation protest strategies for their anti-government protests. [3] The Anti-Privatisation Forum has come out with a CD that they see as a compilation of music specially for toyi-toying.[4]