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I write what I feel…


No Words…


No words can tell the joy I feel

Saved from the deepest despair

You answered my heartfelt prayer

My faith was strong, but You took so long

Though I knew that Your time is not mine

And You would come through in the end


I thank You, Father, for saving me from misery

For keeping me under Your wing

So that I can continue to sing my words to the world

And remain untainted by my suffering

Renewed in Your strength, Your power

I will find joy in Your service for ever


©Denise G Allen, 08 September 2013 07:56


Father forgive us


Father forgive us

We are destroying, and have destroyed

Eco systems which make life possible on earth

We have taken your gifts for granted

With no thought for tomorrow

We have enjoyed the abundance

Of the fruits of the earth

With selfishness, lack of consideration

Lack of forethought

And made assumptions

That the earth would sustain us forever

Father God we humble ourselves before you

In deepest humility

We beg your forgiveness

Please instill in us the will

To repair that which we have broken

To renew that which we have used

Asking only that you inspire us with your wisdom

To put things right


©DGA 25 September 2011 04:57