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Hands cannot hold the feelings in my soul

empty hands but heavy hearted

oceans of emotions wash over me

fighting for survival like waves

upon a viscous sea of good and evil

but there is a lifeline cast to me

cast to me to set me free

to lift me up from the salty sea

to raise me up and to set me free

and You, O Lord, are He


©Denise G Allen, 08 August 2015 05:47




Nightmare in the morning,
Children’s voices crying,
Adult voices calling…

Thick dusty fog,
Glimpses swept away
By the waves of smog…

The earth has shaken,
Nothing is the same,
Buildings have fallen…

Footsteps running
This way and that,
Terror and scurrying…

Angels of mercy
Arrive at the scene;
Rescue work begins…