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Some upright
Others lolling
On their sides
A few slid down
Sitting on their spines
Some with open eyes
Others closed
But most unseeing
In their world
Of imagining
Of remembering
In their minds
Like moving pictures
Behind the blinds
I quashed my guilt
For failing them
Not paying them
The kindness of a call
Not popping in
However briefly
Assuring them
They are not forgotten
Not alone


©Denise G Allen, 25 January 2014 07:26




Large glass double doors

Sun stopped outside

L-shaped room, chair-lined

‘You can’t sit there’

Words rang loud and clear

I looked for an upright chair

Most were bottomless pits

Traps for the unaware

People dressed in Sunday best

I recognised one or two

Some of the rest were new

Inmates – how ‘they’ hated the word

Residents is what ‘they’ preferred

Like animals, accepting fate

Tame, meek, all submission

Absolutely no assertion

Who remembers they are there

Perhaps Death will be the one

Sent to remind them

Of what they forgot


©DGA 30 December 2011 09:50