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Silver Fish

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Silver Fish


Flash of silver quick as lightning

Fleet of fin (ha) they catch a ride

On the backwash of each wave

Taking shelter behind cropped rocks

Knowing the music of the sea

Feeling the rhythm of the water

Breathing in, breathing out

Anticipating even the crabs’

Sideways stagger —

Silent hunters of the ocean floor —

Confident of the secret pathways

Shortcuts made to aid escape


©Denise G Allen, 15 August 2015 08:24


The Runner

The Runner

Ka-doem, ka-doem, ka-doem.
His heartbeat was loud in his ears.
It distracted his mind from his fears.
His rhythm was all that remained
‘Twixt him and the pain in his brain.

Ka-doem, ka-doem, ka-doem.
He was deaf to the cheers of the crowd.
The beat was all that he heard.
The sweat dripped down in his eyes
Yet he still remained in a trance.

Ka-doem, ka-doem, ka-doem.
The strength of the beat in his ears
Was music that drowned all his cares.
No thought interfered with his goal:
To finish victorious and whole.