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Setting Sail


I’m setting sail for nowhere

Just blowing on the wind

With my eyes on the horizon

I wonder what I’ll find


I’m setting sail for nowhere

And relying on the wind

Unlike the Ancient Mariner*

To prove to be my friend


I’m setting sail for nowhere

I hope I reach my goal

And when I do make landfall

I’ll find the place called Home


Sorry, I couldn’t embed this today:


*Ancient Mariner, poem by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge

©DGA 01 December 2011 07:10


A New Day

Sailing into the dawn of a new day,

Sharply seen against the rising sun,

The ocean, a tranquil turquoise wash,

The promise of excitement just begun.

Feeling the fresh breeze brush our cheek,

While the salt spray gently sprinkles

Our shoulders with additional freckles

Of burnished gold on a gilded skin.

Peaceful and content we ride the swells,

Trusting in nature’s generous mood,

The kindness of her disposition

To those who wish her only good.

©DGA 04 September 2011 12:40