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I write what I feel…


God and me


The beauty of nature,

its ever-changing colours,

flowers that grow

according to the seasons,

surrounding us with reasons

known only to God.

I find reflections of Him

in everything i see;

i listen while He

speaks to my spirit,

resonates with my soul

‘til i am whole.


©Denise G Allen, 06 November 2014 10:59


Circles and Rings


Circles of life

And of seasons

Circles of time

And of reasons

Rings within rings

We go round and round

In our existence


Spinning fast

Spinning slow

Dizzy, giddy

Quite unsteady

If we pause to think

We are on the brink

A balancing act

As a matter of fact


©DGA 15 March 2012 07:56


Nature’s Artists

The Wild Coast

Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 29.10.2010: The Natural Order

Nature’s Artists

Translucent waves break far out to sea

And roll towards the shore

While the wind erodes the cliffs

And the river carves out its floor.

Time marches on inexorably.

The darkness of night

Replaces the bright daylight

As the sun gives way to the moon

And the seasons pass us one by one.

These are the natural order of things,

The laws that nature dictates,

Which are not open for debate.

Image: Author
©DGA 29.10.2010


Spring Rain

Sidey’s weekend theme, 27.08.2010: New Beginnings

Spring Rain

I smelled the sweetness of the rain
In the air before it came,
Bringing life back to the earth
After winter’s unhurried death.

The gentle drops fall from the clouds
Following many months of drought
And the soil drinks greedily
To deeply satisfy its thirst.

The circle of the seasons
Is about to start again
As earth maintains its journey
Of orbiting the sun.




Circle of Life

Circle of Life

As the colours start to fade
And the sunlight turns to shade
So the dark begins to creep
And earth’s creatures go to sleep.

But there are some creatures of the night
Who are uneasy in the light
And use the darkness as a cloak
To hide their deeds and evil work.

As time ticks onward in its stride
And earth turns back towards the light,
The sleeping ones unfurl and rise
To meet the new sun in the sky.

Life is a circle, a never-ending ring
Of orbits around the sun,
Of days and nights, of seasons:
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

All performing under the baton
Of He who orchestrates the plan,
The Creator, Coordinator,
Lord and Master of the universe.