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Shadows come and go away

In many different shades of grey.

Densely darkest secrets

Hidden in their copious folds,

Hidden from the world,

Never to be told.

What is life with no shadow,

Where every action leaves its mark,

Positive or negative,

Each one conjures up the other?

Naught but a bland and tasteless mess ~

Unappetising to say the least!

Unless…  our aim would be

To break the chain, sever the fetter,

To give others joy, to pass on happiness

Where e’er we may and find our own recompense

When that shadow falls on us.


©Denise G Allen, 07 November 2015 09:48

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Valley of Shadows

Post No. 836


Valley of Shadows


Brighter light brings darker shadows

darker blacker at the corners of the world

map as it curls towards the warm

candle flickering on the saucer

dripping wax down its length

growing ever shorter—

time passes and the candle shrinks

back into itself while shadows lengthen

deepen as light fades—

and the candle breathes

its last



*but the sun’s rays harnessed

trapped in an empty jar

leaves no use for candles any more


©Denise G Allen, 06 July 2015 12:02

*alternative ending for those who would prefer it 😀


Over My Shoulder


Looking over my shoulder

Into the past, all but forgotten

Through the merciless haze of time.

Scattered, dispersed like seeds in the wind,

Loved ones (and not so loved ones)

Gone forever, some into the ether,

Others into far-flung lands,

Leaving only memories, shadows

Lurking in yesterday’s infinity,

While the hands move on towards eternity.


©Denise G Allen, 22 June 2014 07:10


Sunshine and Shadows


Intuition frees the mind

Leaving cognisance behind,

Goes with the flow ~ out the door,

Imagination wanting more;

Hands on or off, no matter,

With the aid of the Creator;

Painting, writing, with a passion

Helped by auras in the ether.


©Denise G Allen, 20 November 2013 12:41




Tenuous shadows from the past

Forgotten faces, faded features

Curves and angles, hair in tangles

Only recognise the eyes

With expressions of surprise

Watching, waiting, anticipating

Hard to penetrate the gloom

Through the shrouding window drapes

Into the semi-darkened room

Where Death keeps watch

That no one dare

Invade the space

Beyond the veil


©DGA 18 October 2011 15:16