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A Sick Country


Are we too blind to see

Symptoms of a sick country:

Crime gets bail in place of gaol,

Prisons are full to overflowing ~

Enough said !

Justice and the Law

Are often at odds

But cash paves the way ~

Life is cheap and death is cut-rate,

Fraud and corruption rule,

Sex is the best ~

Porn and abuse never go to waste,

Cater to every taste,

Girls and boys ply their tricks, BUT.

What kind of man gets his kicks

From raping babies, hidden away

From others in dark corners?

This land, OUR land, is sick!


©Denise G Allen, 29 October 2013 09:08




She refused to mellow with age,

Filling herself with spite and rage,

Living on the edge of insanity

Uncontrollable profanity,

Psychosis, neurosis.

Hatred tipped the scale,

Took her *beyond the pale,

Her actions were intolerable,

Her conduct inexcusable

And this impropriety caused

Her rejection by society.

Do not let this happen to you or to anyone you know.
If you ever feel out of control, please do not hesitate to ask for help.
That’s what doctors are here for.

In the nominally English territory of Ireland, only the pale fell genuinely under the authority of English law, hence the terms within the pale and beyond the pale.

Unacceptable; outside agreed standards of decency.

©Denise G Allen, 12 January 2013 03:18