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Post No. 796




Seeing through a looking glass

Remembering with integrity

Trying with utmost sincerity

Unmolding from its history

Does the path run straight and true

Or does it take on another hue?


Selective memories subconsciously

We continue unaware to place ourselves

In a different light, seemingly forever right

Wishful thinking becomes a fact-or

Allowing us the liberty to ride

Upon that rainbow in the sky.


©Denise G Allen, 06 May 2015 14:57


A Glimpse of Heaven

A Glimpse of Heaven

I had a glimpse of heaven
And of how it will be
With happiness and truthfulness,
Trust and sincerity,
Support for each other
And each one his brother.

Completely the contrary
To our lives on earth today
Where suspicion plays a role
In all we do and say,
And we wear our masks to hide
Our feelings deep inside.