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Beating the Cold

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Beating  the Cold


Cold in the early morning

And in the evening too

Then suddenly at midday

The wind blew the sun away

Impossible to sleep

Shivering and shaking

One simple thing to do

Become my own heater

In a home-made igloo

Climbed into bed

Bedclothes o’er my head

Sealed myself in tight

Then breathed with all my might

In two three four, out two three four

(my forever trick for sleepless nights)

In the blink of an eye

I was warm as toast

Put my head out in tortoise mode

And the lovely cool air rode over my face

As I felt myself falling… falling…

Only to wake in the early morning

As fresh as the new day dawning


©Denise G Allen, 05 June 2015 06:47




Sleep laps around me as I lie,
Breathe in, two, three, four…
Silence is golden,
Breathe out, two, three, four…

So many kinds of silence,
Peaceful, poignant,
Pregnant, after-shock…
Jane and her dad in Golden Pond,
Long time, no see,
She didn’t hold the key,
Nothing keeps old age away,
Nothing can hold time at bay.

In, two, three, four…
Out, two, three, four…
Sleep washes over me,
Carries me away, away…
To that secret place,
To that secret space…


©Denise G Allen, 15 July 2013 08:53



Dreamscape Pictures, Images and Photos


Spin me a tale of knights
And fair maidens,
Of Braveheart slaying the dragon;
Keep me entranced
With victories of good over evil
That I’m at peace as I lie in my bed,
And the pain dissipates in my head
Bowing to the power of words and actions
That surround me,
And take over my mind while I sleep.

©DGA 16.01.2011 07:50




What a wonderful sleep, she thought with a smile,
Time to rise and get ready for work.
It’s so nice and warm in this lovely soft bed,
Another five minutes is all that I ask.

She snuggled down further and closed her eyes
And, before she knew it, was away once more
To her world of dreams; and her spirit was charged
To guide her life and fulfil her needs.

Why, when we wake, do our dreams disappear?
But sometimes we have the solutions we crave
As if handed to us by Someone who cares
Who helps us to chart the course of our lives.