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That Flying Feeling

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That Flying Feeling


About a thousand years ago

as a child running wild,

we used to ride our bikes

for miles and miles

through the countryside

and down to the ocean wide!

What freedom was this

that today’s children all miss,

no such thing as congestion

of traffic or lungs

(not to mention crime where now

life is worth less than a dime),

we would trudge up hill

and soar down dale

for all the world like an eagle on wings

swooping low and sweeping high

shouting for the wind to carry

our voices up to God in the sky,

oh to feel again the joy we felt,

the immensity of our world and

the freedom to have fun in the sun!


©Denise G Allen, 16 August 2015 18:04


Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

Oh how I want to fly
On the wings of a butterfly!
To soar among the clouds
Like an eagle in the sky.

Oh how my spirit longs
For space to breathe the air,
Freedom to spread my wings
And strength to persevere.

To be at one with nature
And leave the world behind,
Forgetting the race to riches
With all its narrow confines.