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In the Wild

Post No. 878


In the Wild


Driving at a snail’s pace corrugations rattle

As the road runs over arid riverbeds

The scenery loops round and round, over and over

A recording stuck in the groove

Then slowly a change takes place, a small dam ~

A large puddle ~ and just around the bend a trickle

As water dribbles along between giant rocks

Growing gradually longer, wider, stronger

Yet the overall emptiness of the riverbed remained

Small antelope could be seen now and again

The young kicking up their heels with frisky leaps

And majestic posing of adults in their prime

Making us aware of their entitlement and our intrusion


©Denise G Allen, 05 October 2015 08:32



Post No. 877




Dry heat dances above the tarmac

Eyes burning, searing, searching

Dense bush along the roadsides

With glimpses of clearings as we ride

Dirt replaces tar and rough replaces smooth

Saplings predominate

But some giants stand proud and tall

Greenery is mostly grey

Riverbeds lie yawning, boulder-strewn, bone dry

The rains are coming by and by…


©Denise G Allen, 04 October 2015 07:52


Secrecy Bill


What’s the use of a constitution

That’s the envy of the world?

(We are told)

There is no sign of restitution

When it can be chopped and changed

To hide fraud and corruption.

As soon as investigation is mooted

We have to change to right footed;

The media becomes the enemy

And fear rules the roost;

Fear the enemy will spread the news –

And other views –

Which will not amuse.

What is there to hide?

Is it more than meets the eye?

Is it too much to abide?

Even old comrades

Are becoming disillusioned

In all the confusion.

©DGA 28 November 2011 07:49


Johannesburg – Overview

The skyline of Johannesburg\’s Central Business District as seen from the observatory of the Carlton Centre

Johannesburg – Overview

Jo’burg, City of Gold – Egoli,
Home to the very rich,
Home to the very poor,
Hub of the country’s economy,
Crime capital of the country,
To the rich it is a City of Plenty,
To the poor a City of Dreams.

Feelings of anticipation, animation, stimulation,
Restlessness and tension;
Both good and bad vibrations, sensations;
Hustle and bustle seven days a week,
No time to lose, whatever you choose;
Sinning and spinning day and night;
Cloned cops on the streets, who can tell what’s real?.

11 Diagonal Street, designed by the famous German-American architect Helmut Jahn and built in 1984

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©DGA 13.09.2010