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Our father,

maker, creator, designer and inventor

of gigantic mountains, valleys,

wastelands and seas

from the macro to the micro

and everything between

you possess the marvels and miracles

to do what e’er you please

i hear your voice calling me

across rugged mountain ranges

across the stormy sea

over the desert sands of time

through the never-ending vastness of space

calling, calling to the human race

i have countless questions to ask when at last we meet

is it only on a whim that you cause the earth to quake

is it simply on an impulse that the world begins to shake

and what is it that enables you to choose

which peoples are to win and which to lose

difficult to answer for someone such as me

but you o lord are able to see

right inside the human heart

and take it all apart


©Denise G Allen, 14 July 2015 16:49


Time and Space


Intractable, invincible,

Relentless, unstoppable,

Inexorable, inescapable, unavoidable,


Youth fades as the dew falls,

Seasons come and go,

Life can last for a minute, an hour, a day,

A week, a month, a year, a decade,

But never… forever…

As things are now.

Time takes its toll:

We can run the race,

Keep up the pace,

But when our time is up,

Our place in space complete,

Our life on earth replete,

There is no escape.

Our golden years are all too short

And autumn leaves must fall

Until spring’s new shoots take bud

For a spectacular new birth.


©Denise G Allen, Monday, 22 April 2013 06:48



Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 04.11.2011: Anticipation


Sidey’a Weekend Theme for 16.03.2013


I felt the excitement of anticipation.

We were on the threshold of innovation,

About to meet aliens from a faraway nation,

Intelligent life from across the universe,

Intergalactic visitors with whom to converse,

Hold discussions and exchange information,

How much I looked forward to our communication

Prior to their elimination.


©DGA 05 November 2011 07:30

Copyright: Denise G Allen, 16 March 2013 05:23

Sorry, Sidey, if I have time I will do another poem of ‘anticipation’ from a different angle.


Surfing in Outer Space

Waves Pictures, Images and Photos

Surfing in Outer Space


In my dreams at night

I take a great delight

Surfing in outer space.

No boundaries are there

As far as I’m aware

And I’m totally alone

In a black invisible sea.

Manoeuvring my spaceboard

I use my strength of mind

To leave my mass behind.

Left or right, up or down,

Planets, suns and moons,

Whole galaxies go by,

Swooping down a wormhole

And out the other side,

No energy expended,

No barriers extended,

Free, free to be me.


©DGA 08.11.2010 01:38