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Capturing God

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Capturing God


Trying to capture God

In all the witnesses to His existence

From the smallest mites

To the gigantic whales

In all life that lives and breathes

In every thing that He conceives

The beauty of earth

The splendour of space

His magnificence defies

Our greatest dreams

And all our imaginings


©Denise G Allen, 02 September 2015 09:41


What is Beauty?


Everything can be reduced

To a maths equivalent,

A chemical blueprint,

But beauty is lost along the way.

Give me, if you may,

A formula for splendour,

For magnificence,

A delight to the eye and

Sustenance for the soul.


An impossible task, I say,

To encapsulate beauty,

Put it behind bars or

Chain it and hold it captive

For our admiration and approbation,

Because it is a living thing,

From day to day unfurled,

Living on love, shrivelling with hate,

God’s gift to our world.


©Denise G Allen, 07 October 2014 09:48


Angels of Light


As light as a feather

weighing naught

drifting down floating on air

suspended in space

on the wings of a prayer

lustrous light luminous translucent

radiant colours blending unending

palest hints tints and shades

blushing flushing

shining bright flaming burning

day and night

magnificent splendour

gently exquisite

echoes reflections of His spirit


©Denise G Allen, 06 March 2013 08:08