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Small Reminder

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Small Reminder


Just a small reminder

That winter is almost gone

The nip in the breeze

The bite in the wind

Raises tiny bumps on my skin

Prickling, bristling

A shiver runs up my spine

The last of spring days

Before the summer sun

Changing season

By day or by night

Fluctuating ‘tween cold and hot

Erratic weather, while God decides

Whether or not

To allow summer in…


©Denise G Allen, Friday, 23 October 2015 08:49


Spring Shoots

Spring Shoots

Spring Shoots

Spring Shoots


Bare brown branches with hardly a hint of green,

The smallest tint of jade seen in the shade

As the shadows lengthen and colours dissipate.

Darkness shrouds the trees and birds slowly cease

Their twitters. Only a lone owl can be heard

Breaking the soft silence with his call. Peace.


©Denise G Allen, 10 September 2014 11:21


Spring Cleaning


The warm winds blow
(sometimes with a hint of ice –
tail-end of winter’s cold),
ruffling the leaves
on the evergreen trees,
dusting the bare branches
of the unclad.

Dust rises in great swirls,
reddish and coarse,
echoes of the ground beneath
where it settles once again,
providing succour to the roots
whence it came.

Seasons’ circles,
cycles interwoven,
life and death
to the eye,
but the soul
will never die.


©Denise G Allen, 04 October 2013 07:08



Spring is on its merry way,

Buds will bloom another day,

Clusters spread along the vine,

We would share a flask of wine.


Sitting in the lukewarm sun,

Remembering when we were one,

I think back to where we were,

Wonder where our paths diverged.


I am here and you are there,

It was all too much to bear,

Death denies a second chance,

We were lucky to have it once.


©DGA 27 August 2011 09:42


A Yellow Umbrella

A Yellow Umbrella

a yellow umbrella
bright as a second sun
stands on the sands
giving shade to everyone

a spring day in may
the sea as smooth as glass
we walked hand in hand
‘long the dunes of velvet grass

a yellow umbrella
and a red beach ball
come and join the fun
beach soccer one and all

oh for those carefree days
of innocence and youth
oh for those carefree days
of energy and health

©DGA 08 August 2011 11:01


Spring Rain

Sidey’s weekend theme, 27.08.2010: New Beginnings

Spring Rain

I smelled the sweetness of the rain
In the air before it came,
Bringing life back to the earth
After winter’s unhurried death.

The gentle drops fall from the clouds
Following many months of drought
And the soil drinks greedily
To deeply satisfy its thirst.

The circle of the seasons
Is about to start again
As earth maintains its journey
Of orbiting the sun.




The Maple Tree

The Maple Tree

The maple tree stands tall and proud against the boundary wall,
Its leaves beginning to turn
From green to the rich red-golds and maroons
Of the late autumn season.

On the ground surrounding the tree lie the fallen leaves,
Rustling in the softest breeze
Joined by others wafting gently down towards the earth
To rest in peace on the dew damp grass.

Soon the tree will be completely bare, exposed to all
The elements of winter – wind, cold and frost.
With no protection whatsoever
It will stand brave, strong and true until the spring.

Photo’s: Author