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Night, Wind and Son

Post No. 871


Night, Wind and Son


I wake in the night

To the moon and stars

Shining ever so bright

Embellishing the skies


The wind whispers His name

Rustling through the trees

Who are you, I ask

I am He, it replies


The Son, heaven’s crown

Blesses all He shines upon

Bringing life-giving rain

Relief from heat and pain


©Denise G Allen, 09 September 2015 18:04



Post No. 807




Drops of dew hang suspended

From flower petals and leafy trees,

From grassy blades appended,

Twinkle like diamonds,

Sparkle like stars

Amongst golden rays;

A simple garden,

A magical fairyland,

A place, a space on earth

For imagination’s birth…


©Denise G Allen, 27 May 2015 17:21


Party Dresses

Party Dresses


martie an’ me we was so axcited. our school was having a party on friday night for its tenth birthday. mit* rock ‘n roll musiek an’ als**.

my ma said she would sew our dresses. she had some lef’ overs from the curtains and she would buy a small piece of silver cloth she saw at yusuf’s shop.

the dresses was a secret and martie and me, we wasn’t s’posed to see. my ma sewed every chance she got.

well on friday after school martie’s ma came to our house to help martie and me get ready for the party. even the neighbours came to see how we looked. we was so proud.

my ma had made both dresses the same. she had cut out stars and bells out of the silver cloth an’ stuck them on the skirts. martie had the stars and i had the bells.

so martie was the star of the party an’ i was the bell of the ball!


*mit = with
**als, alles = all

©DGA 24 August 2011 10:53


Thick, Soft Grass

Deap sea Pictures, Images and Photos

Sidey’s Weekend Challenge – 15.10.2010: Grass

Thick, Soft Grass

Strolling on the warm sea sand,
Feeling the grains between our toes,
The moonlight reflecting brightly
On the calm ocean swells,

We’d find a secluded nook
Among the dunes where the grass
Grew thick and soft and we would
Spread our rug on the ground.

Alongside each other we would lie
Looking upwards at the skies,
Watching for shooting stars
To grant our hearts’ desires.


©DGA 15.10.2010




Turn out the light, I’ve got
Stars in my eyes.
In the dark of the night
They light up the skies
And the world looks so bright
That I don’t need the light anymore.

There are stars in the skies
Which reflect in my eyes
And I’m sure you can tell
How excited I feel
Now you’re back in my life
And we won’t be apart anymore.

The sky up above
Is a backdrop for love
And the stars are so bright
That they light up the night
And my heart is so full
Now my world is complete around you.