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The Street Beggar (Repost: 04.06.2010)

The Street Beggar

On a cold wintery morning
Under the weak watery sun
Mother and child shivered together,
On a day barely begun.

They waited on the traffic isle
For the rush of cars to start,
Hoping for some charity
To relieve their starving hearts.

A few cars passed, too fast to see,
Then, bumper to bumper they came and went,
Blinkered people safe and warm,
Snug in their cocoons.



The Hungry Thief

The Hungry Thief

I stood
Just inside the door
Watching, waiting,
Barely breathing.
A sound –
Hushed, almost a dream,
Hardly audible,
Scarcely perceptable.
No more.
I watched, waiting,
Nary a noise
Nor a movement.
I left
My post at the door.
Returning later
The food was gone.
One day
I caught my first
Glimpse of the cat.
Just skin and bone,
Wound up tight
Ready for flight.