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New Beginnings

Piet-my-vrou (Red Chested Cuckoo)


New Beginnings


I awoke to a rain-washed day

With smells of new mown hay,

A clear crisp bite in the air:

The best time of the year.


Winter’s becoming a memory

While summer waits in the wings

With promises of pleasures sensory

Suspended till the Piet-my-vrou* sings.



From Afrikaans piet-my-vrou, literally ‘Peter my wife’, supposed
representation of the bird’s call.

Image: Red-chested
Cuculus solitarius Piet-my-vrou

©DGA 6 November 2011 07:58


The Tree

shilouette tree Pictures, Images and Photos

Tree Silhouette Pictures, Images and Photos

The Tree

You stand there naked on the hill
Like an appointed sentinel,
Bereft of all your summer glory,
Your limbs outstretched against the sky,
and silently watch the world go by.

Do you shiver in the chill?
Do you utter the smallest sound
When the frost blankets the ground
And the snow begins to thaw –
Do your roots get cold and sore?

Do you long for the return of spring,
For sunny days and balmy nights,
When children climb your leafy boughs
And raucous rooks perch way up high
To view the landscape beneath the sky?

Image: &
©DGA 26.06.2011 07:14




Lying on the sandy beach
Or next to a swimming pool
In the searing summer sun;
Sweating, blistering,
Oh to be cold, oh to be cool!

Braving the open air
In the icy winter cold;
Wrapping up from head to foot,
Frozen extremities,
Oh to be warm, oh to be hot!

Characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments; capricious.