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Good and evil,
God and the devil,
Hope and despair.

In our need to survive
Hope keeps us alive;
As the cool waters flow
Hope keeps us afloat
In the sea(-son) of life.

Hope is frail, pale,
A shadow without substance,
Hollow as an empty bowl
Until, filled with God’s promise,
Trust is born in our soul.


©Denise G Allen, 24 February 2014 10:02


All’s Well?


Two a.m. and all’s well,

Christmas hies towards us

Ever faster year on year,

Shops are overflowing fit to burst

But many have no penny in their purse.

Insatiable greed has pushed the goods

Beyond the means of common folk

And many struggle to buy food

But look on helpless while others cream the fat

And steal the grub from out the mouths of babes,

God’s message to us all of love and faith

Forgotten in the struggle to survive.


©Denise G Allen, 12 November 2013 02:13


Mothers’ Love

Mothers’ Love

The plaintive cry of a baby,
Helpless after birth.
The mewling of a newborn pup
Struggling to stand.

The protection of the mothers
Caring for their young,
Defending them from harm
As best they can.

They would give their lives to save
Their brood from certain death,
But will the young survive
And will they thrive?