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Why Fear

Post No. 869


Why Fear


She is my voice

Hers are my tears

Crying in the wilderness

Silent in my fears


Afraid to open the gates

Lest I should drown

Showing my nakedness

My helplessness I own


I am not ashamed

To declare you my God

My maker my creator

So tell me why

Oh why do I hide

My feelings deep inside


©Denise G Allen, 06 September 2015 09:34



Post No. 810




I kneel on the grass

with the rain on my face

rivulets run

trickle down

between my breasts

parched as the ground

the earth and i

bone dry under the sky

drops melt, meld into one

vanish into cracks

fissures in the rocks

my tears disappear

consumed by the air

and the pain…

washes away in the rain


©Denise G Allen, 01 June 2015 03:25




The soul weeps

Tears of joy and tears of sorrow

From the heart of darkness

And the heart of light.

You dry my tears afore the morrow;

Before the dawn appears

You make it clear that You are here,

Fulfilling the promise of Your birth

On this earth

As the light of the rising sun

Spreads its wings and the shadows

Take flight into the night.


©Denise G Allen, 03 January 2014 11:30