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The Light


Choices ~
This or that,
Do or don’t,
Will or won’t.
Good or bad, it’s a chance we take.
Many of the choices that we make
End up being a huge mistake
As we struggle through the dark
Looking for that litte spark to show
This is the right way to go.

Forbidden signs are plain to see,
But temptations lie in wait
Just outside our garden gate,
Disguised as amusing and innocent fun,
An exciting diversion from our every day,
Before we find there’s a price to pay.

“Father, where is your light?” I cry,
“I need your light to see You by.”
And then I listen for Your reply.
In the silence of my soul I hear
Your voice so clear as You speak to me,
“I am the Light of the world,” You say.

©Denise G Allen, 03 February 2014 10:16


Rolling the Dice

Rolling the Dice

With a roll of the dice
You can throw away your life!
Don’t let them entice you to try.
The temptation to win
Can be very, very strong
But you must learn to turn a blind eye.

The odds are too great
And you’ve too much to lose.
Don’t make the mistake
Of leaving it to fate
When luck is so fickle
And the prospect of winning so remote.

Picture: Greg Zaal, Blender 3D Art