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Is life a dream and are we dreamers all

imaginations running wild as the wind

and when we experience déjà vu

does your subconscious speak to you

we enter and leave by the gates of birth and death

born into one reality to die into another

only baring our souls uncloaked to a few

that we trust are faithful and true


©Denise G Allen, 22 July 2015 09:22

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Post No. 796




Seeing through a looking glass

Remembering with integrity

Trying with utmost sincerity

Unmolding from its history

Does the path run straight and true

Or does it take on another hue?


Selective memories subconsciously

We continue unaware to place ourselves

In a different light, seemingly forever right

Wishful thinking becomes a fact-or

Allowing us the liberty to ride

Upon that rainbow in the sky.


©Denise G Allen, 06 May 2015 14:57


The Maple Tree

The Maple Tree

The maple tree stands tall and proud against the boundary wall,
Its leaves beginning to turn
From green to the rich red-golds and maroons
Of the late autumn season.

On the ground surrounding the tree lie the fallen leaves,
Rustling in the softest breeze
Joined by others wafting gently down towards the earth
To rest in peace on the dew damp grass.

Soon the tree will be completely bare, exposed to all
The elements of winter – wind, cold and frost.
With no protection whatsoever
It will stand brave, strong and true until the spring.

Photo’s: Author