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Heart Beat

Post No. 840


Heart Beat


Everything in this world

plays its own music

or at least a beat

the mountains shout out

and the echoes play tag

with flowers cut from scraps

in mother’s rag bag

a stitch in time she’d say to me

saves nine as i clambered on her knee

a stitch in time… mends a broken heart

and the cape robin on my window sill

sings his soul out fit to burst

filling mine to overflowing with His song


©Denise G Allen, 14 July 2015 06:45


A Song in my Head

A Song in my Head

There’s a song in my head
And it won’t go away – not today.
There’s a song on my brain
And it’s making me insane:
The notes just evolve and revolve
In a never-ending wheel,
Around and around, ‘til I find
I can’t get them out of my mind.

The end and the start
Are embedded in my heart
And the tune is so great
That it’s hard to think straight.
An inspired melody
With spontaneous harmony,
Forever restrained
In the confines my brain.