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Bee-ing Playful

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Bee-ing Playful


I saw a sight the other day

That almost blew my mind away;

A fat little bee buzzed past my face

And zipped across to take his place

Upon a velvet rose petal,

Then, such a dare-devil was he,

He dove into the yellow pillow

Head first and rolled from side to side

Coating himself in golden dust

And, as I watched him mesmerised

He jumped and rolled again with glee

Both playfully and joyfully before he

Flew away and left me smiling happily.


©Denise G Allen, 13 May 2015 06:56


Black Velvet *New


In the black velvet night

Stars look ultra bright

No moon in the sky

Just you and I



Under the canopy of light

Facing t’wards the east


For the first rays of the sun

A new day has begun

A new world still to come


Must have been a ‘bug’ – Sorry!

©DGA 21 January 2012 03:35