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Wrapped in blankets,

Morning air as cold as ice,

The queue not too long today,

Getting to know the price

Of rising late…


Here and there a baby grizzles

But seldom cries – snug

As a bug in the layered rug,

Wrapt against its mother’s breast.

Many have another –

A sister or a brother – holding

Tight, safe and sound on the ground.


The line shuffles forward,

Breath condensing, compressing,

And warming the air;

Five minutes more,

Another five minutes

Until they open the door…


©Denise G Allen, 17 June 2015 10:10




History is a tree with many branches

Laid out by our Father for us to see

Just exactly where we stand,

Without being side-tracked

Or led astray on our way.

We should be meek as lambs,

Innocent and trusting as babes,

Basking in His love and grace,

No airs of arrogance, nor of dominance,

But full of humility;

No second-guessing, but accepting

His will for our lives.


©Denise G Allen, 13 June 2013 09:55


When you gonna see (rap)


Hey, J-Zee
When you gonna see
Ed-u-cation is the key
We don’t all need
A D-gree
What we want
Is capa-city
To live a life
No strife
Don’t you see
Take our pride
Let us decide
Give us the tools
We not fools
Give us the chance
To sing and dance
Kanye West and Dr Dre
Will let us play
We B A for Away

©Denise G Allen, 12 May 2013 07:29


Waiting for God


In varying phases of readiness
Waiting for God

Adventurers and explorers
At different stages assorted ages
Waiting for God

Retired from this earth
Going to a new birth
Waiting for God

Leaving on a ghost train
Through the tunnel of love
Waiting for God

Travelling down the dark path
Into the bright light
Waiting for God

Diverse faiths some without
Some are weak others stout
Waiting for God


©Denise G Allen, 16 January 2013 03:43




The world is waiting for what comes next;

Even the howling wind holds its breath.

The clouds are black across the sky

And I, with my eyes on the sea below

Watch it boil and recoil as the monster beneath

Twists and turns to escape the grip of the tide

Sucking, pulling, drawing him under,

While the men on deck look on as the sea

Plays its role in helping the whale to flee.


©Denise G Allen, 29 December 2012 09:08


Waiting in the Wings


He is here

Waiting in the wings

Every eye shall see Him

And every ear shall hear

The glorious music of His coming

When the veil is peeled

And He is revealed

To the eyes of mortal man

He will descend

On the wings of a dove

Clothed in raiment of purest love

And at last we can

Prostrate ourselves before Him

In utter adoration

At the total liberation of our souls



©DGA 30 June 2012 07:40

I believe that the following is the correct manner in which to claim one’s copyright.  Better safe than sorry…

© Denise G Allen 30 June 2012 07:40



Silver Spangled Dress

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Silver Spangled Dress

I dream of dancing
In a silver spangled dress,
The moonlight reflecting,
Holding me in its caress.

I dream of dancing
With the sunlight in my hair,
Splashing in the waves
Without a single care.

Running on the beach
With sand between my toes,
Living in the moment –
Alive, despite my woes.

‘Pride comes before a fall’,
But the fall got in my way;
One can seldom have it all –
Perhaps another day…

Image: by
©DGA 25.05 2011 10:27



Sidey’s Weekend Theme: 01.10.2010 – Hiding



He shivered with anticipation,
As excitement filled the air,
He listened hard for footsteps,
But there were none to hear.

Waiting… wondering… heart fit to burst,
His thoughts running riot,
He pictured the path the hunter would take,
But, oh, it was hard to keep quiet.

Shrieks of laughter filled the air;
And he knew a child had been found,
Then he smiled to himself as he wriggled down
In his hidey hole, without a sound.


©DGA 01.10.2010


False Starts

Side View’s Weekend Theme, 6 August 2010, False Starts

Friends are Special

I got this from Jingle and would like to pass it on to all of you!

False Starts

Waiting for my arm to heal
After six weeks in plaster,
I returned to the doctor yesterday –
And what a disaster!

I thought I would be free again
From all the limitations
Of these past long days,
Only to hear of further restrictions.

Back to hospital in five days’ time;
Remove the plaster and the pins,
But then be fitted with a brace
Protecting the bones for the final phase.

Another month – I’ve had enough!
Please Lord, never let me fall again:
This has been a trial for all
And I have struggled to keep my cool!